Glendale Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Not all family law cases have to be a fight. At Simpson | Cawelti LLP we believe that a lot can be accomplished through cooperation and collaboration under the right circumstances. Whether the parties agree on everything or nothing, our firm can help you move forward through the process.

A relatively new area of family law, Collaborative Law, is a specific process whereby the parties retain attorneys for the specific purpose of reaching an agreement outside of court. By identifying the most important issues to each party, the attorneys and sometimes other experts negotiate in an open and transparent forum to work together in finding solutions. This differs from mediation in that rather than taking positions and then coming to a compromise, Collaborative Law encourages both sides working together for the good of both parties and their children. If one of either parties decides to withdraw from the collaborative process for any reason, the attorneys must be dismissed and new attorneys are retained to continue the case in the more traditional adversarial setting.

In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Family law is no exception, and that is why Simpson | Cawelti LLP also specializes in mediation. Even if you and your spouse or partner don't agree on everything, mediation can still be effective for both of you. With private mediation, you'll meet with a Glendale family law attorney together to talk about your issues and concerns. Then we will develop a plan to move your case forward to resolution. From disclosure of assets and debts to drawing up a settlement agreement, our firm has the experience and balanced touch to help ease the painful process of divorce. We can even help with post-judgment modification matters.

Glendale Collaborative Services Attorney

At Simpson | Cawelti LLP we know how to settle cases. Going to trial rarely makes sense when settlement is an option. The vast majority of our cases settle through private judicial mediation, avoiding trial altogether with the help of a private judge. We provide our clients with the tools and legal advice to evaluate and make smart settlement decisions, whether we act as mediator for both of you or you need attorney representation to take your case to a neutral third party mediator.

Contact a Glendale mediation attorney at our firm for a consultation to see if mediation or Collaborative Law options are right for you.