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Paternity actions are aimed at establishing a parental relationship between an individual and a child. Once the relationship has been established, there are a number of specific rights and responsibilities that follow as a result. Primary among these are the father's parental rights and the responsibility to provide financial support for the child.

In cases involving a child born to a married couple, there is typically little doubt as to the identity of the father. When a child is born to unmarried parents, the identity of the father is not always as clear. In situations like these, steps must be taken to make definite determination. These cases can involve complex legal issues, and the assistance of a reliable Glendale family law attorney can be invaluable.

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At Simpson | Cawelti LLP, we offer our clients more than 70 years of combined experience in complex paternity matters. Our clients in these matters have included mothers seeking to establish paternity in order to obtain child support, alleged fathers who deny any relation to or responsibility for a child, and fathers wishing to establish parentage in order to secure parental rights.

We will order a DNA test and any other necessary testing in order to make a clear determination regarding parentage. From filing or responding to the Complaint to Establish Parental Relations to protecting your interests at every stage of the process, we will pursue every available option to help you reach your goals.

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