Breach of Fiduciary Duty

What is a breach of fiduciary duty?

You get an invoice in the mail. It looks like a bill from a doctor whose name you don't recognize. When you ask your spouse about it, he or she acts evasive and says don't worry about it. Has this ever happened to you? Or how about this; you get a late notice from the post office regarding a p.o. box you didn't know existed. What's going on?

Sometimes, either during the marriage or after a separation, one spouse engages in financial transactions without the knowledge of the other spouse. When this type of conduct benefits one spouse and not the other, a breach of fiduciary duty may have occurred. This relatively new area of law, including a duty to disclose income, assets and financial transactions, can sometimes provide relief to spouses who may have been in the dark about the other spouse's handling of family finances.

Some examples of possible breach include giving substantial gifts without your knowledge of consent, gambling debts, hiding assets, purchasing property without telling you, or even fake business trips. Talk to a Glendale divorce attorney today if you suspect your spouse may have breached this duty.

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Simpson | Cawelti LLP has vast experience in this area, both in the prosecution and defense of breach of fiduciary duty claims. In 2006, Mr. Simpson won the then-highest award in the Pasadena Superior Court for breach of fiduciary duty cases in an amount of over $3,500,000.

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